It's about heart. Plain and simple. And it's about spirit. Your spirit. The thing that drives you
                                    and guides you thru this thing called life. It's about waking up each morning and knowing that
                                    today is another chance to make a difference. It's about going to bed each night and being
                                    able to sleep knowing you did the right thing. It's about feeding your spirit, doing what you
                                    have been called upon to do and serving humanity. It's about giving a little part of you to a
                                    cause greater than yourself. It's about dedication in training and commitment to hard work;
                                    building partnerships that form a unified response in times of need. It is about faith, faith
                                    in oneself, faith in your teammates, faith in your dog, and faith in your God. It is about belief
                                    in divine guidance and its ability to work thru us. We are the emissaries for good. We are
                                    the believers in right. We are the ones who answer the call. We are the search and rescue professional.                     

Jonni Joyce






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Panhandle Search and Rescue is a not for profit organization comprised of unpaid professionals
dedicated to the promotion of search and rescue through education and continuous training.

PANSAR's  members are ready and able to respond 24 hours a day 365 days a year to anywhere requested.


If you are in need of PANSAR's services, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

There is NEVER any charge for any services.

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